Diamond Master Filter



Diamond Master Filter can remove the cholesterol from your house

When too much cholesterol is deposited in our body, it will lead to many life threatening complications. Similarly, when the water pipes in our house are laden with cholesterol, do you know what the consequences are? The rust and mud hidden in the water pipes that run in the house are just like the cholesterol in the body. They pose a serious threat to your health and precious family members' health, without any of you even realizing it!

The water we use in the house generally passes through rusty and muddy water tanks and pipes in the house. The rust and mud, just like the cholesterol in our body, will contaminate the piped-water in the house. If your family consumes this 'high cholesterol" dirty water, will their health be affected adversely.

Before it even reaches your home, our regular water supply runs the risk of contamination from unforeseen factors such as damaged pipes and badly-maintained water tanks. This means that, more often than not, the water that we use has means that, more often than not, the water that we use has already undergone secondary contamination.

So it's likely that we are washing our faces, brushing our teeth, rinsing our mouths, showering, and inadvertently staining our clothes with water that's filled with rust, silt and sediments. Prolonged consumption of these dangerous elements could disrupt your health.



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