Diamond Master Filter




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In order to address health problems caused by contaminated water in everyday use, NEP has developed Diamond Master Filter, the result of 3 years of extensive research. Diamond Master Filter is a breakthrough outdoor filtration system that adopts the revolutionary Filtron?technology, which filters contaminants up to 10 times finer than a strand of human hair. Consumers can therefore enjoy the cleanest, safest water in their homes.

Diamond Master Filter uses multi-layered Filtron, a high-density fibre that can filter matter as small as 10 microns, which is 10 times finer than a strand of human hair.

Diamond Master Filter comes in two models, the DMF-300S and DMF-500S models. The 500 model is equipped with a CE500PI energy converter to break down water molecule clusters into smaller clusters. These smaller clusters penetrate easily into fabrics to remove dirt more effectively during wash. They also give water a smoother, more refreshing feel.


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